Artist’s statement

Susan Wright

My work is concerned with the process of transformation of discarded and forgotten books into new artwork. I am interested in the idea that books are repositories of ideas, knowledge and values and I produce prints to develop these ideas.

Discarded books have a story before they were found. Their transformation changes the story, it adds layers of dialogue, meaning, history and ecology to the established narrative. After being discarded the books lost the knowledge held in the text, they were closed, damaged by weather, infestations of insects and plants. I use the pages from books and the books themselves to produce the work because they are already imprinted with the effects of landscape. As print making material, they take an active part in the finished pieces. The prints have become map like, imaginary places, a new narrative emerging from the old books. The landscape is reflected in the print

This renewal affects how the images and objects are viewed by others, they can have many interpretations. They are out of context, with no helpful guidance to lead the audience to understand what they might mean. Some people place them in the past, others see them as future artefacts, new stories emerge as they speculate about what they are seeing.

The prints are etchings, collagraphs and monoprints. Aluminim etching plates are used to etch because they can be reused and erased, the images altered and re-etched time and time again. This emulates the environmental imapct on the lost books and intruduces randomness and chance into the etching process. Other prints rely on the self formation of the source material to provide the imagery. By using hand made paper which incorporates pieces of the book’s pages and covers, printed images can be manipulated into three dimentional forms echoing the topography of the natural landscape.


Born – 1955 Halifax, United Kingdom
1978 – BEd in Education and Art – Bulmershe College of Education Reading.
1994 – MSc in Educational Audiology, University of Manchester
2009 – BA (Hons) Fine Art – Leeds College of Art.

2015 -2017  MA Creative Practice (Fine Art) – Leeds College of Art

Now living and working in Halifax


Shortlisted for the Flourish Printmaking Award 2017


‘Three Heads’, St James Hospital Leeds, 2008

‘Leeds Open’, Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds 2008

Community Show’ 1830 Gallery, Halifax. December 2014

In the Making South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford 2015

‘Magnetic North Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax 2015

‘Transformation of the Book – Not knowing is a form of knowing’ –  Holding / Held By The Book, Conference presentation, Centre for the Comparative History of Print, University of Leeds, July 2016

‘Curatorial Cluster Research Group Show, Leeds College of Art, September 2016

Ones to Watch, Sunny Bank Mills, Leeds, March 2017

Earth, Water, Fire’ West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield. April 2017

‘100 Artitss- 11 countries – Summer Show’ , Kunsthuis Gallery, Crayke, June 2017 – August 2017

Artist Residency with Kinvara Area Visual Arts (KAVA), Kinvara, Ireland, June 2017

‘Canticle for the Anthropocene’ Telling in Full, Lancaster Arts, Lancaster University, July 2017

‘Editions‘ (East Street Arts) Munro Gallery Leeds, August 2017